Saying Goodbye to Google Chrome


So, today I finally uninstalled Chrome. I had thought that perhaps I would use it solely for the "turn-a-webpage-into-a-desktop-app” functionality, but even that is problematic, mainly because of the fact that Chrome is not a full-featured browser (is that too much to ask from a browser that has been in development for two years?). It works fine for Google Apps (though there are some weird rendering issues with Google Calendar that I don’t get with Firefox), but if I click on a link to anything (say, an article from Google Reader) the link is opened in Chrome (of course) and is generally mangled by Chrome’s rendering engine. Maybe one day I’ll use it (though I doubt it, unless it can somehow match the functionality of Firefox – or day I say even IE).


~ by jerquiaga on October 20, 2008.

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