Apple Software Updater Gets an Update

I ran the Apple Software Updater today and noticed a little change. They have a new category now that says “New Software,” where they are listing Safari. Looks like a response to everyone get upset about them trying to trick people into installing Safari by claiming it’s an update, whether or not you’ve ever had Safari installed previously. It’s a good step forward for Apple, but I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t have it enabled by default. Give people the choice to install it or not, but don’t force it on them.

I think it’s an especially bad choice given the recent statements from PayPal that they are going to start disabling browsers that they consider unsafe. Safari falls squarely into that category, since it doesn’t support Extended Validation certificates (the ones that turn your browser address bar green) and doesn’t have any sort of anti-phishing capability (which most other major browsers do). I think it’s telling that all the Mac people that I know don’t use Safari even on their Macs.

If anyone at Apple happens upon this post (yeah, right), please get a clue.


~ by jerquiaga on April 18, 2008.

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