Iran Loses Internet Connection

So, apparently Iran has totally lost it’s Internet Connection due to a third undersea fiber optic cable being cut. The Middle East in general was in pretty bad shape, as 2 of their 3 undersea links were cut earlier this week.

The conspiracy theorist in me has to voice this connection: ever since the Cold War we’ve been training Navy Seal teams to do this kind of job, and with all the anti-Iran sentiment coming from the Bush Administration lately, is it possible that this isn’t a bunch of freak accidents with ships anchors and something more? It’s probably not real likely, but with the amount of business conducted electronically these days, cutting the Internet link to Iran would be just as effective as many other economic sanctions that could be imposed. Granted, this is something that could (an probably will be) fixed rather quickly, but it still seems a plausible explanation. Just saying…


~ by jerquiaga on February 1, 2008.

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