Switch to a Mac Because They’re Easier!

Or not. I had the opportunity to talk with Apple’s tech support people the other day because one of the iMac’s we have suddenly won’t connect to the network. If you believe the ads you should switch to a Mac because as soon as you do, your life will instantly become easier, and your computer will just work. This is not the case.

In my conversation with Apple tech support, the conclusion we finally came to (rather, that the tech finally came too) is that we would need to do an archive install of the operating system. What that does is reinstall the operating system without deleting all of your personal stuff. Sounds an awful lot like a Windows Repair install, doesn’t it? I said as much to the tech support guy, and he just paused for a minute and said, “Well, yeah.”

The point is, as great as a Mac probably is, they still aren’t perfect, and they have the same problems that PCs have. Their tech support isn’t any better than any other PC manufacturer’s. Just be aware of the facts.


~ by jerquiaga on June 9, 2007.

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