Global Warming… are we killing the Earth?

I don’t think we can be decisive on this one. I just watched a good chunk of Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.” A bit of disclosure… I didn’t watch the whole thing. I watched about an hour and a half of it, and I think I got the gist. Basically, Al Gore has jumped on the “we’re destroying the Earth by creating tons of CO2,” bandwagon. While at some points it seems a convincing argument, I’m still not convinced (and neither are a large portion of the climate scientists, from what I can find).

I do know that the whole thing has attracted a whole lot of wackos and controversy. First off, there is Al Gore. He is really not a bad guy, but I’m not sure that Al Gore is really all that qualified to lead the national discourse on global climate change. In his movie, he pretty much quotes three people. Now, they may be three super brilliant people, but that doesn’t address the vast majority of sceintific consensus.

Next in the lineup we have people like Heidi Cullen. Heidi is one of The Weather Channel’s “climate experts” who is advocating in Congress that anyone who disagrees that humans are creating global warming should be disbarred from the American Meteorological Society. Sounds like reasonable scientific discourse if you ask me. There used to be this guy that disagreed with the Church about the position of the Earth. They tried to kill him for disagreeing. His name was Galileo.

The response from James Spann, a climatologist since the late ’70s, is pretty excellent. You should go read it.

The bottom line is that the whole thing at this point feels like fear mongering to achieve a political end. I’m pretty sure that politicians can’t do anything more than that. President Bush has been accused of the same to prosecute the war in Iraq. Gore used images of Katrina and New Orleans to make his point even though the links between global warming and Katrina are tenous. Perhaps people shouldn’t live below sea level? Or if they are going to, they should make sure that the critical structures that prevent flooding are up to the task. This is in no way meant to discount the tragedy that happened in New Orleans, but it is a bit irresponsible to blame the entire thing on global warming.

Have CO2 emissions increased since humans began industrializing? Undoubtedly. Are we causing a tremendous shift in the Earth’s climate? I’m not sure that we can answer that definitively.

As an end, I’ll leave you with my favorite quote by Al Gore in “An Inconvenient Truth.”

“It’s like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation.” – Al Gore on Global Warming


~ by jerquiaga on January 29, 2007.

One Response to “Global Warming… are we killing the Earth?”

  1. Yeah, I think most people’s conclusion about global warming is something like “I don’t really know.” But I do think that global warming or not, people should cut down on polluting and find sustainable energy and building sources. As long as I can still watch cartoons, of course.

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