Microsoft Giveaway "Scandal"

There’s a big “scandal” going on around the blog scene about how Miscrosoft and AMD gave away a bunch of laptops pre-loaded with Vista, so that they can evaluate Vista. (Check out this story here for updated info: Lots of people have been crying foul because apparently originally Microsoft said they could just keep them or give them away or whatever they wanted to do. Who cares what people do with things a company gives them? On top of that, who’s going to go out and buy something just to review it? Companies have to get their products out there to evaluators (it’s called marketing). In this day and age, people rely on blogs for lots of their information, so it makes sense for Microsoft to get it’s products to those people. In the words of Bryan Friedman, “get over it.”


~ by jerquiaga on December 29, 2006.

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