This Could Be Scary

I was reading an interesting article today over here: about people who are creating designer babies with what most would consider disabilities. The two groups in the article that they used as examples are people with dwarfism and people who are deaf. These groups claimed that they just want babies that look like them.

I guess this brings up an important moral question. Is this right? Or is this people being selfish? Would you want to intentionally cause your child to have a harder life than they might otherwise have?

It seems to me that it is one thing if you have a child naturally that is born with some sort of genetic disorder. At some point in this day and age even that seems a bit irresponsible with genetic screening being widely available. Even so, if you have a kid naturally that is born with some sort of birth defect, you do the best you can to give them the best life they can have, and love them unconditionally. But to create a child specifically with a defect so that they “can be like you.” That seems to be entirely different.

I’m not sure what this means, but I thought it was an interesting story, and something interesting to think about.


~ by jerquiaga on December 22, 2006.

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